Skin Genius Supporting Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

Skin Genius Supporting Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

With Mental Health Awareness Week taking place from May 13-19 this year, Skin:Genius is proud to take a proactive stance in supporting not only the physical but also the mental well-being of those struggling with skin conditions like acne and eczema. A brand known for its all-natural, carefully formulated skincare solutions, Skin:Genius understands the deep interconnection between skin health and mental health. This week, we amplify our commitment to improving the lives of those suffering with mental health issues by launching our Sparks of Genius: a team of experts put together to work in conjunction with Skin:Genius to offer a 360 approach to achieving skin confidence and a healthy mind .

Understanding the Skin-Mind Connection

Skin conditions are not just skin-deep. They carry psychological weight. "Acne and eczema can significantly impact a person's self-esteem and anxiety levels, often leading to serious mental health challenges" explains Skin:Genius founder Julia Vearncombe. Recognising these challenges from personal experience, Julia aims to deliver skin confidence with a combination of effective skincare products together with essential and helpful advice.

Throughout Mental Health Awareness Week, our focus is on educating and empowering our community. Our approach integrates advice from our Sparks of Genius experts, which includes Registered Nutritionist Kat Bright, Fitness Coach Val Simpson, Homoeopath Emily Dorrian, and Functional Medicine Practitioner Isabelle Nunn.

Nutritional Insights for Skin and Mental Health

Our resident nutritionist Kat Bright emphasises the importance of a balanced diet for maintaining healthy skin and a healthy mind. "It’s important to focus on nourishing foods that can boost both your mood and overall well-being" they note. Kat looks at 'How to Eat Yourself Beautiful’ with top tips such as limiting sugar, keeping hydrated, maintaining your beauty sleep and including nuts and seeds in your daily diet.


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Physical Wellness and Mental Health

Physical activity is another crucial pillar of a rounded approach to a positive well-being. Our fitness coach Val Simpsonseeks to promote mental as well as physical strength through balanced exercise routines’ and offers her everyday exercise routine to help you get started. Skin:Genius encourages everyone to find a physical activity they enjoy, whether it’s yoga, walking, or more intense workouts, to help manage stress and foster a positive mental state.

Val Simpson Fitness Coach

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Homoeopathic Approaches to Skin Care

Our Sparks of Genius expert is homoeopath Emily Dorrian who aims to provide insights into natural remedies that can support both skin and mental health. Emily’s journey to qualify as a homoeopath is down to her personal experience of struggling with acne when younger. With a young son with severe Atopic Dermatitis, Emily is passionate about skin health : ‘The skin is the body’s largest organ so often there can be underlying issues when we see an imbalance with skin. This can be anything from hormonal imbalance and emotional stress to gut and digestive troubles’

Emily Dorrian homeopath


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Medical Expertise for Holistic Care

Our Functional Medicine Practitioner Isabelle Nunn believes ‘everyone deserves to feel happy in their skin’. A practising pharmacist for over 10 years, Isabelle shares ‘a desire to bring more clarity to the skincare market and help empower those affected by skin health conditions to better understand their triggers and what works best for them.’

Isabelle Nunn Skin Genius expert

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Resources and Support

Beyond our Sparks of Genius tips, Skin Genius is proud to introduce a dedicated resources page available on our website throughout Mental Health Awareness Week and beyond. As part of 2023’s initiative Skin:United which aims to develop a collaborative safe space for those dealing with mental health issues, this resource page will help you locate specialist services focused on skin and mind.

Visit the Resources page here

We also highlight personal stories from individuals who have battled with skin-related mental health issues, showing the positive impact of integrating skincare with mental health strategies. These narratives not only provide hope but help us destigmatise the conversation around skin and mental health.

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Commitment to Ongoing Support

Skin:Genius continues to support mental health awareness year-round with ongoing programs and initiatives designed to help those affected by skin conditions feel supported, both physically and emotionally.

Skin:Genius stands as more than just a skincare brand. We are a community-focused ally, deeply committed to improving the lives of those suffering from the mental health repercussions of skin conditions. Through expert advice, and supportive resources, we aim to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our community, one skin at a time.’ Julia

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