Scott McGlynn

Scott McGlynn is an Actor, Online Creator, Podcast Host and Author.

Well known for his IGTV shows Acne Uncovered and Celebrity Skin Talks, this

brings 2 passions together skincare and celebrities guests who share their skincare routines, favourite (and not!) products and much more.  

Scott’s written memoir ‘OUT’ depicts his time at school in the 1990’s, finding love and growing up being bullied because of his skin and sexuality. Today, Scott is determined to help young people navigate their way through the same experiences he found himself in.

Suffering from bad acne, Scott knows first-hand just how uncomfortable and self-conscious people can feel about their skin and he aims to share his honest experiences and product reviews.  This is why it was so important to have Scott on the panel at FaceUp2It. We heard first-hand about his experience of being bullied at school because of his acne and advised people to speak up and seek advice, taking the first steps to feeling skin confident.

Scott recommends:
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