Skin:United Live in London

Community - Caring - Collaboration

We had the most amazing evening in October 2022, at our first live event which showed how important it is to listen, talk about and share your experiences and feelings when you have a skin condition. 

The SkinGenius Skin:United campaign is about raising awareness and supporting those suffering with mental health issues, anxiety and bullying through having skin conditions. Through personal experience and a desire to make people feel good about themselves, Julia wants everybody to feel happy in their skin: after all, it's what we all deserve!

It was a relaxed evening and upon arrival people could mingle, have drinks and try the SkinGenius products including the new range for Eczema, Psoriasis and dry skin.

We spoke about the reason for starting this very important campaign and how it comes from the heart of SkinGenius and everything we do. We asked each of the expert panel members specific questions and the audience also had the opportunity to ask the panel their own.  That's what's interesting about an event like this.  Everyone has a story - you can't see what's going on in people's minds or see what's happening with their skin as it's covered up, but what was amazing, was listening to peoples stories both with the audience and the panel. People opened up, spoke, shared and offered advise. Above all we all listened and learned from each other. You can watch the Skin:United event here.

The panel members spoke about their experiences and gave advice as well as sharing what worked for them.  Psoriasis, vitiligo, nutrition, ethnicity, acceptance and much more were discussed.

At the end of the talk, everyone received a goody bag worth £100 packed with products that would make them feel good, many provided by smaller brands like us that want to make a difference. A big thank you to Vitabiotics Perfectil, TanCream, Kind2, Clarity Blend, B.fresh and Skin:Genius.

We had fantastic feedback from people who all took something new and supportive from the event.

Expert Panel

It was really important for us to bring together a panel of experts. What they all have in common is they are a trusted expert or suffer with a skin condition, mental health, anxiety or have been bullied themselves.

Here at SkinGenius we are experts in skin care and have all the tools to help people tackle their problem skin with 100% natural, gentle and effective products. However, we’re not qualified ourselves to offer advice medically, on mental health, bullying, social isolation or anxiety, which is why we collaborate with trusted experts who can validate and support the seriousness of the situation faced by people suffering from mental health issues and social insecurities because of skin conditions.

Together with our experts we can raise awareness, educate people and provide a safe place to talk and find resources.


Breaking the Taboo

As we all know, bullying and mental health, particularly post-pandemic, are on the increase and we want to discuss this head on. This campaign comes from the heart of SkinGenius and will raise awareness, build confidence and  give inclusivity for those suffering from mental health issues, anxiety and bullying through having skin conditions. We believe everyone deserves to be happy in their skin and Skin:United aims to help people achieve this.

We need your support too!  Please start the conversation and spread the word about Skin:United, someone will be glad you did. 

Want to get involved? 

Here's how to join us and show your support;

  1. Download this Skin:United Badge
  2. Add to your socials and tell people you are supporting Skin:United -  Be sure to tag us
  3. Offer this link for those who would benefit from support and can find helpful information



This campaign comes from the heart of SkinGenius and is why we do what we do - develop skincare for skin conditions using natural ingredients that work with the skin that anyone can use, changing peoples lives.

Watch the full Skin:United Event