Our Story

founders of skin:genius skincare

SkinGenius was developed by two friends Julia and Hilery, with the mission of improving skin and lives

Having struggled with 'bad skin' for years throughout her teens and early twenties, Julia understands exactly what it's like to suffer during different stages of life.

And that's the truth about spots and acne-prone skin, it’s not merely a condition that affects adolescence during puberty, but can affect anyone, male and female, throughout the various stages of life.

'At times it felt like an impossible hope that I might find a natural solution that actually worked. In the past I tried every method in the book but each time reached the same conclusion, I couldn't find a single product that didn't strip my skin of moisture, leaving it sore and having done more harm than good'.

After conducting research amongst other parents, Julia realised that her own experience was by no means unique. So she turned to friend and homeopath, Hilery Dorrian, previous co-founder of Barefoot Botanicals with an exciting idea.

Combining Hilery's unique understanding of skin and knowledge of natural ingredients, with Julia's personal experience and insights, the pair went into partnership.  Working together, they created the formulation for skin:genius using only natural and organic ingredients, the same formula that still works beautifully today. 

There is no quick fix or ‘miracle cure’ to transform your skin overnight (if only it were that simple), by committing to the SkinGenius routine, no matter who you are, you can finally feel confident in your own skin.