This FaceUp2It campaign comes from the heart of SkinGenius and it is a pleasure to be bringing this to you in association with the Anti-Bullying Alliance and Cosmetics Executive Women (CEW).

We are experts in skin care and have all the tools to help people tackle their problem skin with 100% natural, gentle and effective products. However, we’re not qualified ourselves to offer advice medically, on mental health, bullying, social isolation or anxiety Which is why we are collaborating with trusted experts who can validate and support the seriousness of the situation faced by people suffering from mental health issues and social insecurities because of skin conditions.

As we all know, bullying and mental health, particularly post-pandemic, are on the rise and we want to discuss this head on, raise awareness, build confidence and give inclusivity for those suffering from mental health issues, anxiety and bullying through having skin conditions. We believe everyone deserves to be happy in their skin and FaceUp2It aims to help people achieve this.

Firstly, we recommend you speak with your GP or a dermatologist. You may also find it helpful to contact one or more of the following organisations or charities.

They dedicate all their time and have plenty of resources, experience, recommendations and expertise to help people manage with their skin condition and/or the emotions that comes with it.

This is just a selection we have found but we'd love to hear if you've spoke to a charity or other organisation which has given you help.

Finally, it can be very reassuring and helpful to speak to someone else who's having a similar experience to you. If you’re not sure where to start, or who to turn to - please reach out to us using the chat box below or email   We will do all we can to help.

Please start the conversation and spread the word about FaceUp2It campaign, someone will be grateful you did.

Let’s be happy in our skin; it’s what we all deserve.

Julia x


Acne Support:
British Association of Dermatologists:
British Association of Skin Camouflage: 
British Skin Foundation:
Changing Faces:
Melanoma Skin Cancer: 
Melanoma Skin Cancer:

Anti-Bullying Alliance:
Mental Health & Mindfullness:
Mental Health:
Mental Health:
Mental Health:  for under-25s – 0808  808 4994 (free to call)
Mental Health:  0800 58 58 58 (free to call)
Mental Health: - 116 123 (free to call)