Why is it important to have a skin:care routine?

Our multi-award winning skin:care is specifically formulated to prevent and reduce many symptoms that are caused by skin conditions. This includes inflammation, redness, breakouts, overproduction of sebum, pain, dry, cracked skin, itching, scaling, soreness, bumps and feeling sad.  


best acne treatmentWhen you suffer with any skin condition it's really important to have a skincare routine to help the symptoms that are going on with your skin, but to prevent them from returning. Use products your skin needs. Don't get side-tracked with what your friends are using or the latest advertisements, these may not be what your skin wants. Your skin is a living, breathing, self-renewing genius and the biggest gift you can give it is to commit to a skincare routine every morning and night. Take the time to get to know your skin, keep a note of any patterns that may occur with nutrition, hydration, sleep pattern, stress, medication, menstrual cycle and exercise. Take photos every fortnight to see what changes occur.

For positive results you can see and feel:-

  • Commit to your routine every morning and evening
  • Use the same products - don't keep switching.
  • Give your skin time to adjust which can take up to three months

We don’t believe in overnight miracles but we do believe in the power of nature.  Couple this with commitment and patience in your daily routine, you will soon see and feel positive results as confirmed by the many reviews we receive from real people who achieve real results.


Start your SkinGenius journey today!