Nicola Bonn

Nicola Bonn is an experienced radio broadcaster, a beauty expert with regular lives on social media and her popular podcast Outspoken Beauty is one of the UK’s most popular beauty podcasts and is all about beauty and wellbeing.

Nicola Bonn

Nicola prides herself on being honest, no holds barred and outspoken. Whilst Nicola gets excited about all the beauty industry has to offer, she will call it out when things don’t feel right. 

Nicola believes that beauty should be empowering and confidence boosting and loves to celebrate brands and products that help make us feel anything is possible – Skin:Genius being one of them.

It was inspirational to have Nicola on the panel at our FaceUp2It event as she suffers with anxiety and talks openly about this.  It’s her mission to encourage, inspire and help others to find a way to manage their feelings. 

Nicola also spoke openly about how she learned to manage her feelings of anxiety around her appearance and uses an app Thought Diary to help, alongside breathing techniques and exercise. 

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