Is your teen suffering with exam spots?

Is your teen suffering with exam spots?

Teenage skin can be troublesome at the best of times but the extra stress of exams can trigger further problems. Spots and pimples on top of revision hardly seems fair. When we become stressed our skin produces more cortisol, our body’s stress hormone, along with other hormones. This results in the sebaceous glands in our skin producing more oil and this can lead to spots, acne and other skin problems.

Zap spots and help prevent further breakouts usng our effective 3-step routine. When developing Skin:Genius it was very important that teens would use our skincare, which is why each product is easy to use and highly effective. Apply every morning and evening or when they get home from school to remove dirt and unwanted bacteria. You may have to remind them every day, but they'll soon get into a routine when they see and feel a differernce!

Jam packed full of natural and organic ingredients that are anti-bacterial and will help to reduce redness, inflammation and soreness, leaving the skin with a more even skin-tone and texture, looking bright. 

It's time for your teens to show off their skills and everything they've learnt, as they will never do these exams again. 

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