Jenni's Story (40's)

I bought your 3 product kit a couple of months back and love them. They have really helped with my perimenopausal spots! However, I'm conscious that I need to be protecting my skin from the sun.  Is there anything you would recommend that isn't going to undo all the good your products have done for my skin and would work ok on top of your moisturiser without clogging my skin up again? Thanks Jenni. Julia says: Apply the gel under your suncream application and this will help. After your day in the sun be sure to apply moisturiser for it's nourishing and...

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Angela's Story (Adult)

Not sure what to use, Angela is now a skin:genius lover! Angela's Story " I came by these products as a result of an advertisement on google. Unlike most people i did not take pictures as i did not like how i looked. After using these products i can honestly say i saw a big big improvement. I used the products religiously for 6 months and i was so happy with the results. The products are for all ethnicities i  am black-african and they are value for money a little a long way. This is my first review of a...

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Rachel's Story (40's)

Rachel's Story "These products are fantastic. I have tried all different ones over the years but they are nothing like Skingenius.  My skin is the best it has ever been.  They are really good value for money.  The products last ages, they smell nice and don't feel heavy on the skin.   If I get a spot I put the leave-on gel straight on a couple of times a day and the next day it is gone. I highly recommend Skingenius."

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Amy's Story (30's)

Amy's Story "After using the skingenius face wash for 6 weeks, my skin looks healthier and less prone to any breakouts. I'm more confident going make-up free."  

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