Ewa's Story (30s)

Ewa's Story "I do get occasional spots and I think the leave-on gel helps to calm it down.  I put it on at night and when I wake up the next day it looks much better.  Now I started using it twice a day. What I also like is that it absorbs instantly and gives you nice tightening effect. Thank you"

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Sharon's Story (60s)

A magazine article lead Sharon to skin:genius. Sharon's Story "I saw this product advertised in a woman's magazine and thought I would try it as a last resort. I always have had problems with my skin with blemishes and spots. I am 63 years old and have tried everything but nothing made much difference. This product worked I applied to my skin everyday.  My son also used it and his skin is now also clear for the first time in years. I would highly recommend this product.   Well done skingenius"

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Sarah's Story (30s)

Giving a product a chance to work is a must, as Sarah found out. Sarah's Story "I bought this last summer and used it for a week, It smelled delightful but it didn't seem to make a difference so I stopped using it. I then bumped into a friend and her skin looked fantastic. When I asked her what she was using, she recommended this. I started using it again, this time with the Leave-On Purifying Gel (as that's what my friend had been doing) and the difference in my skin is huge. I now very rarely get breakouts (I...

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Carol's Story (40s)

Suffering with Rosacea and not being able to find a product that worked had been a challenge for Carole. Carole's Story "Thank you Hilery for recommending  the skin:genius Leave-On Purifying Gel for my Rosacea.  It was a real problem, I certainly did not expect to get acne at my age.  I tried all sorts of things for my flushed face some of which helped a little but it wasn't until I used the Purifying Gel that I got real results.  Now I would not be without it. With gratitude Carole"   

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