“You can certainly trust Skin:Genius"

“You can certainly trust Skin:Genius"

“If you have a skin problem, ask the Skin:Genius experts. They really know what they’re doing and you can certainly trust them. Within 17 days of my skin reacting to chemo drugs, my face had returned to normal. I wouldn’t be without them.”

Hayley has always been self-conscious about her skin having been bullied at school for having acne and was ‘that girl’ at school with the spotty face and bullied with one girl even making up a song about her spots: she still remembers it now.

Resigned to living with bad skin

By the time Hayley turned 20, her acne had settled down, but she still got a lot of spots and pimples.  She was resigned to living with bad skin. Hayley was fearful her children would suffer and be bullied as she had. She set out to find a solution and discovered Skin:Genius which really helped them. Having got their skin under control, Hayley decided to try Skin:Genius herself. 

“Within a few days of using Skin:Genius, the redness had calmed and my skin looked clearer and brighter,” says Hayley.  “I use the face wash each day and apply the purifying gel if I feel any spots coming on. It really works!”

Hayley was enjoying her skin feeling soft and radiant and started to get compliments from people which improved her confidence no end. When Hayley was diagnosed with breast cancer and started on chemotherapy, her skin reacted badly to one of the treatments, it became inflamed and broke out in spots.This reminded Hayley of her teens and all the hurt came flooding back from being bullied at school and having acne.

The hospital team had briefly mentioned the chemo might make her skin flare up but not to the extent of the rash she experienced. “They explained the cause was a reaction between the chemo and targeted treatment but that it usually affected the chest area, not the face"

The hospital recommended she apply a paraffin-based solution, which only made things worse with the spots becoming pus-filled.

”I stopped using the paraffin-based products and went straight back to using my trusted Skin:Genius,” says Hayley. “Within 17 days the skin on my face had returned to normal.”

Each morning Hayley uses the Skin:Genius Best Cleanser Forever face wash and Soothe Operator moisturiser. In the evening she uses the face wash once more, applies the All’s Well That Gels Well purifying gel and the moisturiser.

Natural skincare antidote to cancer medication

Hayley also found the chemo made her skin and lips dry and cracked, her nails became brittle and her skin lost its elasticity.  The skin on her hands went very dry and flaky, Hayley also uses the Cream Come True to nourish her skin. She also applies it to her elbows when they became dry and itchy and after just one application the skin calmed down and started to heal.

Hayley was among the first to use the new Oil Day Long oil for flaky, dry and inflamed skin. “I indulge myself and use the oil as a body moisturiser - it’s amazing!” she says.

“You can certainly trust Skin:Genius”

Hayley also suggests leaving make up off as much as possible but recommends putting it on when you go out to boost your confidence. Once you get home, take it off with the Skin:Genius Best Cleanse Forever face wash, apply the moisturiser to your face and the Cream Come True to your hands.

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