Testimonial — Teens

Carolyn's Story (teens)

Wanting her daughter to feel good about her skin, Carolyn tried skin:genius. Carolyn's Story "I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with our first order. My daughter is nearly 13 and her poor skin has been terrible.  In under a week, we've seen such smoothness! You can't see much difference at a distance just yet but that texture is absolutely improved and if I'm right, it tells me it's improving at the base, not just the surface. We'll keep you posted!"

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Holly's Story (teens)

Holly wanted to find a products that was quick to use. Holly's Story "I was super impressed that, the face wash was not stripping at all and doesn’t leave that tacky, dry feeling that a lot of face washes designed to help these sorts of issues do!! It is extremely gentle and cleansing. I find a lot of products aimed towards “teenage skin” only focus on completely stripping the oil and don’t account for the fact that youthful skin is also very delicate, but this definitely accounts for this and doesn’t strip the essential sebum which is supposed to be there,...

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Lynne's Story (Teen)

Finding a natural skincare that worked for her daughter was priority. Lynne's Story "My daughter has very sensitive skin, prone to acne on forehead and chin. She is using an otc acne cream, acnicide, which works brilliantly, but makes her skin very dry. This is a quite light but very rich moisturiser, easily absorbed, non greasy. It has quite a strong scent, but isn't offensive. It easily combats the dryness from the acnicide, and leaves skin soft and smooth. It doesn't irritate my daughters skin at all, and she loves it."

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