My acne is at a minimum thanks to Skin:Genius

My acne is at a minimum thanks to Skin:Genius

Having suffered with acne since his early teens, and as a result, Kyle was left with scarring that made him feel self-conscious. He had tried many different skincare products in the past, but none of them seemed to work for him. However, after using our skincare routine, he has seen a significant difference in his skin, and his confidence has skyrocketed! 

Thank you Kyle, for sharing your experience with us. As proven, consistency is key, keep using the products that work for you and make them part of your daily routine.  We are so happy to have been a part of your skincare journey. 

"Skin:Genius is by far the best range of products I’ve tried over many years with many different products to attempt to subdue my acne prone, troubled skin which has left me with deep scarring.

It feels healthier, cleaner, smoother and more hydrated and better than it ever has done since my first flare ups. My acne is at an all time minimum, and my scarring has gone down and looks less inflamed and pigmented. The Best Cleanse Forever leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean and seems to even cleanse that oily feeling I can get that has never been helped by any other product.  Same goes for the Alls Well That Gels Well leave-on purifying gel which helps lock in that fresh feeling and purify my pores and I can feel it working its magic. The Smooth Operator is amazing and leaves my face feeling smooth and it looks clearer. I love this product. I’ve also found it’s the best thing for my face after I’ve shaved and I can rest at ease knowing I won’t get that irritating shaving rash that was always a worry. Hits The Spot purifying gel is great to keep with me at all times, especially at work as it eliminates spots coming out or getting worse even when you feel the start of one under the skin - it genuinely at least halves the time of which they take to go away.

All in all I’m very thankful and grateful for the Skin:Genius product range as they have helped me more than anything else has over the many years of my struggle with my skin. So thank you :)!

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