Happiness - and eating! return...

Happiness - and eating! return...
This little boy has gone from feeling miserable, sore and finding it uncomfortable to eat for many months to feeling happy and running around in just 3 days!!

As you can see the skin under his mouth and on his chin was very sore, dry, cracked, inflamed and itchy. Having tried every over the counter product and nothing working, Meg was given Oil Day Long from a friend to try and the results speak for themselves!

In just 3 days of applying Oil Day Long (which isn't greasy and absorbs into the skin very easily) every morning, night and when her son came home from school, his skin cleared 😀

Spending time outdoors at playtime and lunch, licking their lips and the cold air, this is very common amongst young children. As you can see there's an easy remedy to soothe, nourish and restore the skin.

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