Jo's Story (Son Teens)

"I purchased Skin Genius products for my 13 year old son as he was struggling with spots and deeper cystic lumps which weren’t getting any better at all using salicylic acid and other over the counter products so I decided to do some research and see if we could go down the more natural route. The Skin Genius products and routine came up with some great reviews so we decided to give it a try. After using the products for a month, my son’s skin is definitely settling down. The lumps have mostly gone and although he still has breakouts,...

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Andrea McLean

"I’m so pleased that Julia from SkinGenius has joined our This Girl Is On Fire Marketplace with her award winning skincare. Which by the way, the whole family have tried and we love it!" - Andrea McLean

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My son's a skin:genius fan! - Jane's Sons story (Boy Teens)

"About three months ago I ordered the Skin Genius starter set for my 17 year old son...he had been complaining that previous products didn't help with his teenage (sometimes spotty) skin.  After using the products daily for a few days he immediately informed me that he could tell they were helping his skin and he even remarked "I can tell that the quality is really good". When he used up all of the 'Alls well that gels well', he insisted that I order more - and I did - a trio pack! I didn't want him to run out again any...

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Jake's Story

“The facial wash gets rid of my spots and if I don't use it they come back. It smells of lemons which is ok, the foam leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry. It lasts a long time and the moisturiser is not greasy it rubs in well.”

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