Peyton's Story (Teen & Parent)

When Sarah's pre-teen daughter started to get pimples and spots appearing, Sarah wanted to get her daughter into a skincare routine and using products that would be kind to her skin.

Peyton's Story

Sarah (mum)
Since my daughter started using the Skin:Genius Face Wash her skin is noticeable plumper, fresher and healthier.  She has less deep blackheads and she has developed a skin care routine as she likes the feel using the product gives her skin.   I can notice if she has not used the face wash (for whatever reason) and personally I love the smell.  We are about to try using the moisturiser and I'm sure this will only enhance her skin further.  Out of curiosity as to what the products felt like, I tried them and use them myself every day!

Peyton (Daughter)
I definitely have seen a change in my face!  I have been more confident about going out with lovely skin and not having to put makeup on.  I started off with the Purifying Gel and already have seen a change so I thought to make my skin even better I would try the moisturiser.  I love skin:genius, It is definitely worth it.  


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