Linda's Story (Teen)

Getting your son into a skincare routine can be a challenge but once they see a difference, it's easy.


"I am Linda the proud owner of a teenage son.  His levels of communication with the outside world can be limiting, until he needs replacement supplies of his Skin:Ggenius products!  Unfortunately these requests are infrequent because the products last so long!!

He has been using the Face Wash and Moisturiser for a year.  There is no messing about the pump dispenser makes it easy to use, perfect for a busy youth.

In his words the face wash 'gets rid of my spots and if I don't use it they come back'.  'It smells of lemons which is ok, the foam leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry.  It lasts a long time and the moisturiser is not greasy it rubs in well'.

As a mum I am delighted that there is a teenage skin care range that I don't have to nag him to use.  Both products have a nice citrus smell, light consistency and free from harmful chemicals.  

I fully recommend this skin care range.  At last a gentle, effective, unisex skin care product for all teenage skin types.

Well done skin:genius now there's one less thing for me to worry about as a mum."

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