What is Acne?

What is Acne?
What is acne and when do you know if you have it.
Acne is a medical term and is where many spots commonly appear on the face and also on the neck, back, arms and chest. They can look very different. From non-inflammatory blackheads, whiteheads to inflamed painful, red, swollen spots or cysts under the skin.  It is different for everyone and our skin changes all the time.
Sebaceous glands produce an oil called sebum, that lubricates our skin so it doesn’t dry out. These glands are attached to our hair follicles and when they become blocked by too much sebum and dead skin cells, spots appear.
Sebaceous glands are sensitive to our hormones.  During times when our hormones (and bodies) go through fluctuations and changes, spots can appear which is why it's common to get acne at different times in your life.  
Around 80% of people suffer during their teenage, early adult years and around 30% of adults in our late 40’s and 50’s and the menopausal years.  Remember you're not alone.
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