skin:genius to the Rescue!

skin:genius to the Rescue!

For Ellie, trying out different beauty products is something she along with a whole load of others, including me, love doing.

That is, until you get a reaction to a product that leaves your skin in red raw blisters, hives, itchy and weeping.

Just as well mum was on hand and reminded Ellie that 'the good stuff' works and to get some skin:genius on straightaway. 

Immediately, Ellie felt a difference and within 3 days it had cleared.


Be careful when choosing products.  

Natural is best.

Listen to your mum/dad/nan or anyone else who knows!


Last week I started using a charcoal face wash to ‘draw out’ impurities. It tells you to use it every day. After the first use I had no issues, By day two I had come up in red raw blisters across my entire face. The worst being on my cheeks and chin. I suffer with dermographic urticaria, which in laymen’s terms means I come up in hives and rashes from practically anything and everything this rash was different from the normally nettle like, insanely itchy rash I would typically get. but after being assured this was a simple one step cleanser I went ahead and tried it. After researching the product (which is sold in every supermarket, pharmacy and beauty store on the high street quite worryingly) it appears most users suffer this reaction and are often diagnosed with dermatitis when shown to a doctor! The sores were red, weepy and raw. This was not a usual urticaria flare up, and being a veteran to this skin condition I went into complete panic mode having never suffered raw burning blisters like this. My entire face was burning hot, red and noticeably angry and as someone who generally has good skin, I was mortified! After a telling off from my mum who has beautiful skin, she reminded me to ‘stick to the good stuff’ and made me start my usual regime immediately with skin:genius. After washing my face, using the clarifying lotion and finished with the moisturiser I noticed an IMMEDIATE relief from both the pain and swelling on my cheeks. I continued to use these products (and these products only, including no make up) over the next three days and my face has almost completely healed. Bar a few scabs expected from weepy welts my skin is back to being hydrated, soft and pain free! I have had comments from the people who saw my reaction (friends and colleagues) and all of them are now desperate to buy the product when pay day comes around. I would like to say to anyone who suffers with a reaction like this, or with acne to use skin:genius a million times over. Thank you so much for creating something so powerful in such a gentle little package. I will never take my clear skin for granted again!!!

Love your skin

Julia xx

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