Hormonal Acne

Hormonal Acne

We blame hormones for most things – well our other halves do anyway!  From puberty to menopause our bodies are constantly changing. Hormones affect us in very different ways and we all deal with this differently - it’s finding what works for you.

So what are hormones and why do they give us acne and spots?

These hormones are part of the endocrine system and are chemical messengers.  They travel around your body and have a very essential and important role 24/7.  Your hormones affect your growth, development, mood, sexual function, reproduction and play a massive part in who you are.

When androgen (also know as the male hormone, although we all have it) levels rise, this results in the sebaceous glands producing too much sebum (oil).   These glands are attached to our hair follicles and when they become blocked by sebum and dead skin cells, spots appear and more of them. This can happen on the face, neck, back, arms and chest 

Hormonal acne is referred to as this, due to an increase at certain times in our lives such as, teens/young adulthood, pregnancy and menopause.  A higher number of males suffer with acne as a teen/young adult and more females in adulthood.

With around 80% of teenagers/young adults and 30% of adults having acne, you are not alone. It’s good to talk as there will be someone nearby that understands how you feel or seeking advice will help.

I would love to hear from you,

Julia x

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