Revision help

Revision help

Here is a little tip for those who are taking their GCSE maths exam this week...

Look, Cover, Write, Check!!!!

The old primary school trick you used for learning spellings! It's the same for maths; They say the only way you will learn maths is by doing maths.

LOOK: Look at old exam papers, your exercise books and any other questions you may have. Now really look at a particular question which covers the topic you want to revise, especially those questions where you have shown all your workings and got the correct answer. Ask yourself questions about it! Where did I start? Why have I done that? How did I know to do this?

COVER: Now copy that same question out onto some separate paper (or even a mini whiteboard works well). Cover the original workings/answer up.

WRITE: Write out the workings and answer again onto this paper or whiteboard (try not to peep).

CHECK: Yep, now you can have a little look. Got it right?? Yippee!!! Got it wrong?? Try the process again, only this time really focus on that part you didn't quite get and ask more questions to it! 

Other useful tips that work are: 

Posters/brainstorms/mind maps
Don't forget to include those questions (Where did I start? Why have I done that? How did I know to do this?)

Post it notes
Write key methods and/or formulas onto post it notes and place them around your room. A good place is on a mirror so you can do some revision whilst fixing the hair!

Question/answer cards 
Write the question on one side and the answer/method of working on the other. Use these to revise when on the bus, in the car, anywhere!!

Best of luck in your exams!!

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