Q. What are the benefits from the ingredients in these products?
A. They have been carefully formulated to contain the best natural ingredients to help skin which is prone to breakouts, pimples, spots and acne. They contain ingredients which have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties which mean calmer clearer skin – #no junk.

Q. Do I need to use all three products together?
A. No, if you wish you can use the products individually, but they have been designed to complement each other and work together.  You may see faster as well as more impressive results if you use all three products together.
Q. If I was to choose one product which should I choose?
A. We would recommend using the Clarifying Lotion.  It is packed full of active natural ingredients which will help to keep your skin free from surface bacteria, meaning fewer spots within a few days of use.

Q. How easy are the products to use?
A. Very.  They are designed to deliver the correct amount straight on to the hands with one pump. Apply this to the face and that is it. No need for cotton wool pads. It really is that simple – measured amounts, no waste, no fuss.  One pump - #no junk.

Q. Why should I avoid chemical products?
A. Many acne products available on the shelves are full of harsh ingredients. They can dry out and damage the skin’s texture. Many ingredients may actually be harmful; Parabens added to most creams as a preservative, is suspected of being toxic to the body and capable of altering the body’s hormonal balance. Here at skin:genius we believe in only using ingredients that we know will be effective in helping the skin whilst causing no harm.

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