Girls Get Active!

Girls Get Active!

We have been supporting the Girls Active foundation and please read more at the blog they have written below or through this link;

We spoke to Julia Vearncombe, co-founder of skin:genius to find out what inspired her to get involved with the Girls Active campaign, and what being active means to her.

When I heard about Girls Active I thought ‘good on you’! I’ve personally been inspired by the This Girl Can campaign but there really needs to be something that teen girls can get involved in. And this is it. At skin:genius we speak to a lot of teenagers about their skin problems and the emotional journey that goes alongside these. We have great conversations about pimples and acne but skincare alone won’t solve the problem.

Our ‘no junk’ products can cleanse, calm and re-balance your skin but eating well, sleeping well, keeping your stress levels down and getting active can really make a difference. A healthy diet will help to clear your skin and your body making you look and feel better. In turn this will give you more energy for engaging in some form of exercise. Exercise is great for your skin. It boosts blood flow, tops up your Vitamin D if you’re exercising outside and the natural detoxing of getting a good sweat on is all really good for your skin. Provided you cleanse deeply and pop on an anti-bacterial lotion afterwards to keep those dreaded spots away…

Exercise makes you feel good – and if you feel good, you look good. I know how hard it can be if your skin is bad as I suffered with spots myself: some girls tell us they just want to hide away and lack confidence on bad face days. I really understand that but if you get out, do some exercise, however small to start with, mix with friends and just have a great time, you’ll feel so much better inside and that will shine out of you. Your friends aren’t looking at your skin the same way that you do, they are looking at you because you are their friend.

Go girls!

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