Exam Stress?? Let these Heroes Help...

Exam Stress?? Let these Heroes Help...

'HERO' Homeopathic remedys that will help with exam stress.

AAA also known as triple A is a combination of Argentum Nit, Anacardium and Ambra Grisea.  It can be taken the night before and the morning of an exam.  You can also suck a tablet as you go to into your exam.  AAA will help you to stay cool, calm and collected and will help you to recall all of those essential facts.  Choose 30c or 200c strength.

Lycopodium is a remedy when you feel that you just cannot hope to pass an exam.  It helps build confidence and takes away those anticpatory nerves.  You could take one a week during exam season.  Choose a 200c strength once a week.

Kali Phos will help you when you have been over studying and cannot think or focus because your brain feels too tired.  Kali Phos will help to refresh you and help you concentrate again.  It's like giving your brain a cold shower!!  Try this daily in a 6c for 14 days.

For any of the above remedies please contact Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy on either http://www.nelsonspharmacy.com or 020 7079 1288 they will be only too pleased to help.  You can of course contact us too on 01293 888804.

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