Anxiety before Exams

Anxiety before Exams

Are you anxious or worried about your exams or are you a parent that's worried about your son/daughter worrying!

You are not alone.  Here is some advice from the UCL website and they have more advice here

"The key to reducing anxiety is to make an early start with your revision. Six weeks should be enough for end of year exams, depending on how many you have, and where you are at in your studies. Take enough time to do yourself justice. Remember revision is just that - it's about seeing something again and refreshing your knowledge. It's not about new work. If you have worked at a steady pace throughout the year, revision will be relatively straightforward. If you have less than six weeks available to you be realistic about what you can do. For a start, you only need to know a limited amount, so consult with your tutors who will be able to identify core material. If you feel that stress is seriously going to affect your exams or make your life a misery in the run-up to exams do something about it now. Talk to a friend, a tutor or see one of us in the Counselling Service as soon as possible. Give yourself plenty of time to work out a solution."

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