No More Prescribed Medication

No More Prescribed Medication

Suzanne never suffered with acne in her teens and was shocked when she started suffering in her mid twenties.  It has been an emotional journey and one that she found extremely hard to cope with.  Acne isn't just about what you look like it's about how it makes you feel and how you think others may feel about you.  Acne can leave you feeling lonely, sad and depressed but with the help of skin:genius Suzannes skin and outlook has completely changed.

To follow is Suzannes story in her own words.

I never had problems with my skin as a teenager and was completely taken by surprise when at the age of 25 I started to suffer with adult acne. It was awful and made me feel very self-conscious and quite depressed. I wanted to avoid social situations and hated having my photo taken and dreaded being caught on friends’ snapshots for social media.

I have tried a number of high street brand products to clear the acne but nothing worked. Then I consulted my GP who prescribed a range of different topical lotions which had little effect. The products dried my skin out terribly and the acne persisted.

I won some skin:genius products in a charity raffle and immediately the products felt lovely on my skin: they smell fresh and don’t dry the skin. They feel like a treat – such a nice change from the medicated products I’d been using on my skin for so long. Within a couple of weeks I noticed a discernible difference and came off the medicated products completely. Within a couple of months my skin was pretty much clear, it was such a relief.

I only get a few spots now and again along my jawline: I just apply the Clarifying Lotion morning and night and it soon goes away.  The Clarifying Lotion in particular works really well to smooth out my skin and gives a perfect base to make-up. It’s almost like a primer for the skin: it works a treat!   I use the Facial Wash once a day now my skin is under control (I started off by using it twice a day). You only need a small amount of product and they last for ages, which makes them really good value for money.

Now I socialise happily and am not worried about people taking group selfies with me in them. I used to hate it when people brought out their camera phone and would ask my friends to let me edit out the blemishes on my face before they sent a shot live. Sometimes I didn’t manage to do that so I’d untag myself so that I and my followers couldn’t see the shots. It was that bad and made my time with friends quite stressful.

Thanks to skin:genius my skin is feeling better than it has in years: I simply wouldn't be without it now!

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