Lara has suffered with very oily skin all her adult life. As a teenager she had breakouts and problems, but never full-blown acne. She anticipated her skin would clear in her 20s but it didn’t: she has been plagued with spots and breakouts ever since.

Lara says;

From early on I avoided moisturisers, sun tan lotions and foundations as they all made my skin break out in spots and even more greasy.  My skin was never clear and experienced further breakouts each month.

I discovered the skin:genius Clarifying Lotion 18 months ago when it was first launched. It was such a relief to find a product that finally cleared my skin and helps keep the oiliness at bay.  I use the Clarifying Lotion every morning and every night.  It has worked wonders on clearing my spots, minimising breakouts and balancing the oiliness. In fact, it gives a super base for make-up which goes on more evenly and lasts to the end of the day. I can even use a little foundation on top of the Clarifying Lotion as it helps it stay in place much better.

The skin:genius Clarifying Lotion is nothing short of a miracle.  From the outset my skin began to produce less oil and the subsequent breakouts were brought under control quickly.  Even the dreaded “monthly” breakouts lessened and disappeared more quickly with the use of the Clarifying Lotion.

Each summer when I had to use sun tan lotion on my face, I always ended up with angry and long lasting breakouts.  Last summer, I continued to use the Clarifying Lotion as a base under the sun tan lotion and it prevented the breakout completely.

I have tried 100s of products since my 20s and nothing has worked as well as the Clarifying Lotion: it’s the closest I’ve come to having a normal skin and I’m so relieved to have found something that works – I just wish it was around 30 years ago!

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