Acne Testimonial

Acne Testimonial

It means alot to be able to share your stories and we would like to thank Emma for hers.

I'm 48 years old and got skin:genius at first for my daughter when she was 10 and showing early signs of adolescent skin. I have suffered from bad skin since my late twenties so adult acne basically around the jaw and neck so very uncomfortable!!    I have tried everything going trust me.

I decided to try some of my daughters skin:genius, which by the way has worked wonders on her skin.  I have been using it now for over a year and my skin has never been so amazing, no need for cover up anymore and if I do get a spot the purifying gel sorts it out immediately.  I couldn't recommend skin:genius more, I am now so much more skin confident especially with the summer months ahead.


If you would like to share your story, please email

Thank you 
Team skin:genius x

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