Red Clover - a small powerhouse

Red Clover - a small powerhouse
Red Clover is an amazing ingredient and is a mighty powerhouse for a small plant. It helps to regenerate your skin cells, aiding in healing, reduces inflammation and brings a calm tone to your skin.
This amazing plant that we see in almost every field and on every walk, contains an array of benefits.  Vitamin C is vital for skin health and will help to protect and aid your skin tone boosting collagen.   Zinc is an anti-inflammatory helping to reduce swelling and soreness and Thiamin (B1) is an antioxidant with superb anti-aging properties.  Magnesium will help reduce cortisol levels (cortisol produces more sebum = more spots) and Niacin and Potassium aid with hydration and moisturising your skin.
The power of nature is truly wonderful which is why we love it so much and It never ceases to amaze me that such small plants contain so much!
Enjoy your walks.

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