Talking Creates Confidence

Talking Creates Confidence

Talking is a great release in many ways.  Whether it’s to off-load, get advice, or even just a hello – it’s good to talk.  

If you’re bogged down with homework, study or have many assignments to hand in, talking with a friend or tutor may help to work out a system and how you can plan your day or week making it all look achievable.  Taking time to step away from study and be with others to laugh and talk, will help make things look clearer when you go back to it.  Asking peoples advice will help your and their confidence.

Finding it difficult to get to the solution with issues at work and understanding what’s really needed for the meeting next week?  Talking with colleagues, tapping into their knowledge and experiences will help you gain more confidence and feel clearer about the task ahead.

By communicating and listening to friends, family, colleagues or strangers you can express your feelings and understanding, building trust in each other.    

If you communicate on-line and via social media, be mindful of how text may be read.  Always double check before sending or would it be easier to speak?

Body language is a great form of communication.  Making eye-contact, smiling, thinking about your posture and the way you stand will have an impact on the person you are with.

Most importantly just be you, your confidence will soon grow.`

Love Team skin:genius x

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