Kirstin's Story (20s)

Kirstin had been struggling to find a product that work for almost 15 years.  Thanks to her mum seeing a review in a magazine, everything changed.

Kirstin's Story


I am 27 and have been using the skin:genius products for a couple of years now. My mum found a review in a magazine. She cut it out and gave it to me to find out more about it. I researched it and what really attracted me to it was the 'no junk inside ' I started using the face wash, purifying gel and moisturiser.

Within 2 weeks I noticed a massive difference to my skin. I have ways suffered with acne ever since I was about 13. Even when I was in my twenties I was still suffering with spots and tried EVERYTHING out there. Skin genius was the best out of everything. I now use the facial wash and moisturiser every day and I absolutely love it. It's so lovely to use and feels fantastic on your skin. I've got my confidence back from using this products

Many thanks skin:genius

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