Ella's Story (20s)

Finally finding products that delivered results, Ella has her confidence back.

Ella's Story

"Product review for the Face Wash, Purifying Gel & Moisturising Lotion -

I am 22, and have suffered with acne since 12 years old. It is triggered when I eat dairy products, even in very small amounts. I became aware of the food allergy at 14 and cut dairy from my diet. My skin improved, but not as much as i'd hoped.

I was told about skin:genius, and I was instantly interested as its a 'no junk' natural skincare solution. 

I purchased the Face Wash, Leave-On Gel & Moisturising Lotion. Within minutes of using just the Face Wash, my skin felt amazing! I t felt thoroughly cleansed but didn't sting or feel irrated at all. After using all 3 products for just 2 days, my skin had stopped breaking out completely. My pores were barely visible, and for the first time in years I felt able to leave my face makeup free. 

By far the best skincare products I have ever bought.

Best things about it -

The pumps dispense the perfect amount of product so nothing is wasted

The leave-on purifying gel also works very well as a makeup primer, and does not clog pores

You know youre not putting un neccesary chemicals and nasties on your skin

It WORKS! Its not masking the problem, its treating it

Suggestions? - Cannot think of one, I love the products so much! 

Thank you"Team

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