Skin Benefits using Olive Oil

Skin Benefits using Olive Oil

Friends and customers have been asking what can they do to help with their dry hands that they don’t normally have at this crazy time.

With the extra hand-washing and the use of anti-bac products, our hands are being left raw and sore and it takes me back to my days as a hairdressing apprentice!  Here are a few things we can do every day to help make a difference;

  • Use a hand-cream several times a day
  • Apply extra hand-cream and wear gloves at night
  • Wear gloves to do washing-up and housework
  • The air outside is still cold, cover up and wear gloves

With the current daily changes, it’s not so easy to get hold of the products we love or we may be changing the way we spend, but we do have a go-to hand and skin care rescue that can be found in your kitchen cupboard.  The bonus is it’s 100% natural and good for you inside and out - the amazing Olive Oil.  High in anti-oxidants, Vitamins E and K and also containing Omega 3 an essential fat - you will soon see and feel a difference.

Pour a 5p size amount into your hands and rub together, warming the oil.  Massage the oil over your hands and into your cuticles, not forgetting other dry areas including elbows and heels.  Great to use on your body or face too, just apply to damp skin; try adding a drop of rose or lavender, taking it up a level. 

Great to eat – no wonder the mediterranean diet is so good,  the olives, the oil…  Courgette carpaccio is an easy lunch or side salad or why not try the Aubergine Parmigiana a as a warming dish. My friend has an olive farm in Greece and when she comes over there’s always a long queue of us hoping to get a bottle, or two if we’re lucky as it doesn’t last long!   When we run out we love Fino Olive Oil but you can easily find Olive oil in supermarkets, local stores and farm shops. 

Enjoy smoother and softer hands today!


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