Red Clover Rules!

Red Clover Rules!

Red Clover has fantastic anti-inflammatory results and gives excellent results in calming acne and spots and its rich nutrients help to improve the immune system. You will probably recognize it as you see it growing in lots of places.

Red Clover is also an excellent tonic for the entire body as it contains a wide range of nutrients we need.   These include vitamins B, C and E, isoflavones, coumarins, flavinoids, lecithin, calcium, chromium, choline, magnesium, manganese and iron. Red clover also contains an element called molybdenum, which helps to eliminate waste that can cause skin problems. WOW!! - all from this tiny plant we know!

Red Clover is great added to skincare products but you also get many internal benefits by drinking Red Clover tea or taking supplements as Red Clover purifys the bloodstream of toxins that can affect the skin resulting in clearer, healthier skin. It cleanses the liver, stimulates digestive fluids, improves our immune system, helps to clear the chest and lungs and as it is a diuretic it helps us to flush out impurities.

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