Brrr Its Cold Outside

Brrr Its Cold Outside

Brrrrr!! It is so cold outside!

A moisturiser is a great way to help protect your skin from the weather and it will also help to heal and regenerate the skin.  Many people steer away from moisturisers if they have oily or blocked skin but f you use the right oils, it can work a treat. The oils in skin:genius products are natural and work in harmony with the body to help cleanse, soothe and balance the skin. Boys often shy away from moisturising but we have found those who try skin:genius have seen a marked difference in their skin condition and tone.

skin:genius Moisturiser has been carefully created to work in harmony with the skin. It is packed with natural ingredients that help banish the bacteria that cause pimples, spots and acne. Its action is mildly astringent to cleanse and soothe inflammation associated with teenage skin while the deep moisturising qualities of the nut oils nourish the surface and upper layers of the skin.   As with the other skin:genius products, the moisturiser has ‘no junk’ and uses natural, time-tested ingredients to help restore harmony to the skin.

The skin:genius Moisturiser is rich in nut oils which work in synergy to soften the skin, manage excess sebum production and calm inflammation caused by acne or break outs. The nut oils combine to create a rich, light lotion which sinks into the skin beautifully leaving no greasy trace and helping with skin regeneration.   The fresh citrus scent is uplifting and popular with boys as well as girls. The perfect primer for make-up!

The ‘Hero Nuts’ in the Moisturiser include:

  • Hazelnut Oil which is perfect for acne-prone skin as it is slightly astringent and helps to control the body’s own oil production. Hazelnut oil is non-comedogenic – which means it will not clog pores or cause blackheads.
  • Macadamia Nut Oil is extremely light and doesn’t block the pores. Its profile is very similar to Sebum – the oil teenage skin produces in excessive quantities which leads to spots. By using macadamia nut oil on the skin, it send signals to the body to slow down on Sebum production which helps minimise a key cause of blocked pores. Furthermore, macadamia oil has a gentle, anti-inflammatory action to help cool and soothe the skin.
  • Babassu Seed Oil is less familiar and a superb addition to natural skincare. The seed oil is rich in antioxidant Vitamin E and lauric acid which has antibacterial properties. It is renowned for leaving skin feeling soft and silky and is one of the secrets of the wonderful texture and feel of the skin:genius Moisturiser.


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