Platinum Award Winner

Platinum Award Winner

Roll out the red carpet as the Skin:Genius cleansing Face Wash has won the Janey Lee Grace 2019 Platinum Award for the Best Product for Sensitive/Problem Skin.  Now with a total of 12 awards to our name, skin:genius is the ‘go to’ skincare solution for people with acne, spots, breakouts and oily skin.   

Acne and spots can make your skin feel bumpy, inflamed and sore and it was important to develop a range that made you feel good about your skin.  This powerful and fast-acting cleansing Face Wash, ensures the skin feels smoother and provides immediate relief, redness is reduced and you can see a more even skin-tone.  By using high quality, proven, active ingredients including Red Clover, Calendula and Oregan Grape, these work together to effectively fight and prevent the bacteria that causes acne and spots and will bring you positive results that you can see and feel and will last.  

These awards are important and an honour to win as Janey Lee Grace is a key influencer in the Natural Health/Wellbeing/Eco World.  Janey presented the prestigious Platinum Awards, and these are presented for excellence and innovation in Natural, Organic and Eco products and services and seek to highlight and bring the best of the best in natural products and services to the mainstream.  The winners are chosen by a panel of judges who test the products alongside consumer votes, so thank you for voting for us.

We are absolutely delighted to win this award and to be recognised amongst so many other, more established natural brands, is fantastic and we are proud to stand out as a winner for problem skin.

Thank you, for your continued support.

Julia x

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