Good to Talk

Good to Talk

A friends daughter wrote this poem and we just had to share it. Be there for each other - its good to talk.

I lay awake in bed last night
Alone, with only me
An empty shell, a fragment
Of the girl I used to be.

The girl who saw the world around
As light, and pure, and good.
The girl who people wanted there,
Never misunderstood.

But times roll on and people are not
Who you thought they’d be,
And the places you felt safest
Are the ones they make you leave

And the places you felt most like you,
You’ll find you don’t belong
And you’ll be convinced by friends turned foes
That you are in the wrong.

You’ll give your all to everyone,
They’ll take it and they’ll leave
And then you’ll be left just a ghost
Of the girl you used to be.

So what to do when there are simply
No tears left to cry?
When you’re too tired to keep living
But you’re far too strong to die.

And I know that I am lucky,
And I know this too shall pass.
I know things will seem brighter,
And these troubling times won’t last.

I love my friends and family,
My four walls I call a home,
I’m grateful more than words can say
For everything I own.

But everyone gets lonely,
And everyone gets blue,
And everyone gets hurt sometimes
By people just like you.

So please invite the underdog,
And please reach out your hand,
Don’t turn away the misfits,
The ones you don’t understand.

Because I know I’m not the only one
Who feels misunderstood,
Who feels no matter what she tries,
She does more harm than good.

Maybe you could help someone
Who feels a lot like me,
Help the broken find inside
The girl she used to be.

Beth Landskroner

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