Acne Blogger Joanna joins the SkinGenius Family!

Acne Blogger Joanna joins the SkinGenius Family!

We are very excited to officially announce that Joanna at BeautifulByBreakfast is coming onboard as our resident monthly blogger and looking forward to the months ahead!  

We met Joanna a few months ago on Instagram through her page @beautifulbybreakfast, instantly loving her story, empathising with everything she was talking about.  Joanna started to develop acne at the age of fifteen and has struggled with it in varying degrees for sixteen years. Sending products to try, we were keen to help and see the positive difference skin:genius would make.

Joanna fell in love instantly and has done many posts and videos about the skin:genius products as she genuinely loves them.  There are no affiliate links between either of us, as we both want to keep everything real.

We are about real people and real results. The active ingredients we use in our products and the results they bring, reflects in the way you look and feel about yourself.  After all, we deserve to feel good about ourselves and one of the reasons behind skin:genius.

This month, Jo will be talking about her experience with acne as a teen, how it made her feel and what you can do to feel skin confident going back to school or university.

Welcome Jo – love from us all at skin:genius xx

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