Winter Skin

Winter Skin

We are loving the Winter Olympics at the moment and boy, how cold is it out there!   

Why is it that during the cold weather our skin can look dull and lacklustre, so what can we do to help?  

There are a few factors, the heating is on (a lot at the moment!) and the wind can whip up and is very cold too.  So make sure you wrap up, grab your gloves, hat and a scarf to wrap around your neck and jawline.  Placing humidifiers around the home will help to keep moisture in the air and help your skin from drying too much.

As nice as it may feel don't have your shower/bath too hot, warm is best.  Our natural oils are important to our skin so don't blast them all away.  

Moisturise!  It doesn't need to be thick and heavy as some of these can then block the pores but moisturising is important and will help to protect your skin and stop it from feeling tight.  Don't forget to moisturise your whole body not just your face. This will help to stop your legs from itching and flaking too.

Stay hydrated and drink water or herbal teas, your mind and skin will feel better for it.  Eating more fish, green vegetables, sweet potato, eggs and seeds will all help to feed your body and skin.

When the sun comes out, even though it is cold, get out there as the blue skies and the warmth from the sun will make you feel good.  If you're off to partake in your own Winter Olympics don't forget your sunscreen!

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