Avoid the Top 5 Summer Skin Problems

Avoid the Top 5 Summer Skin Problems

How lovely is it to have these warmer days and nights. They make you feels so good and yet play havoc with our skin.  Find out how to treat these issues and bring calm to your skin, making you feel good. Enjoy the summer 😎

Acne Breakouts – With the warmer weather we sweat more, combine this with bacteria and blocked pores and yes, you guessed – it can mean more spots and breakouts.  To help prevent spots, clean and cleanse your skin every morning and night. Don’t wait until bedtime, cleanse as soon as you’re home from your day. Use products like our Best Cleanse Forever that include ingredients such as Witch Hazel, Oregon Grape and Nettle. Powerful on spots but kind to your skin, they will remove unwanted dead skin cells, bacteria, sweat and dirt leaving your skin feeling clearer and bright.

Dry Skin

Going between the heat of the sun and air conditioning or fans to stay cool, being in the sea or pool can cause your skin to dry out. Take a warm/cool shower and use gentle cleansers on your skin. Moisturise every morning and night and apply to slightly damp skin so that you absorb extra moisture. ‘Soothe Operator’ contains Babassu, Macadamia and Hazelnut that are collagen boosting and nourish the skin.

Heat Rash – Sweat glands get blocked and cause a red, hot, bumpy, prickly, itchy skin and it can drive you mad. Have cool showers and pat your skin dry, where loose fitting clothing.  Products that help to cool and calm the skin will contain ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Peppermint, Witch Hazel and Lemon, just like our ‘All’s Well That Gels Well’ Leave-On Purifying Gel.

Sunburn – Ouch! Sunburn is an inflammatory reaction to unltraviolet (UV) radiation damage to the skin’s outermost layers, causing skin cells to become red, swollen and painful. Sunburn can range from mild to blistering. Moisturise the skin whilst it’s damp and stay away from oil based products as they may trap the heat and make it feel worse. Cool the skin with cold a cold compress or take a cool bath or shower. Wear loose clothing, keep out of the sun and stay hydrated.  ‘All’s Well That Gels Well’ will help bring relief and take away the sting and ‘Soothe Operator’ will help to cool and calm the skin.

Insect bites, stings, rashes and hives

Going for walks in the sunshine and staying outside into the evening is what we love about the summer months.  And with this comes the mosquito bites, nettle stinges, rashes from grasses or sand. A cold compress, witch hazel, aloe vera will help to calm and don’t cover the area (if possible!). Always carry ‘Hits The Spot’ for emergencies as it takes away the sting, itch, redness and helps to calm the skin. Apply as many times as needed.

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