Struggling with acne or spots as a teenager?

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When you have acne or spots, it seems like everyone has advice to offer and miracle cures to share.  

Navigating your teenage years whilst dealing with the pressures of school, social lives and an unexpected global pandemic, is hard enough without throwing problematic skin into the mix. 

You’ve probably heard this before but this one’s important, so listen up: there is nothing wrong with you. Acne is one of the most common skin conditions worldwide. Around 95% of people aged 11-35* are affected with acne to some extent, so you are by no means alone. Teenagers undergo many changes during  puberty, with the appearance of acne often being one of them.

However, knowing that you're not alone doesn't make living with troubled skin any easier and it can feel tempting to hide away from the world until your skin clears up.

skin:genius products and advice will guide you through the process of improving your skin, step by step.  By trusting in the products and committing to the process, you can make a difference.

Your road to clearer skin is a journey and skin:genius will be right by your side, making sure you reach the final destination.