Christine Bailey, Nutritionist


Christine Bailey MSc PGCE MIFM MBANT

We are delighted to welcome Christine alongside our SkinGenius experts. A registered and award-winning performance nutritionist, chef and author, Christine brings a wealth of experience and a passion for all-things natural to support health and wellbeing. Through her work with children, teenagers, young and mid-life adults she has a deep understanding of how lifestyle and life stages can affect the skin. She also appreciates the mental and physical impact that skin conditions can have. Christine brings valuable insight into how our diet can improve our skin and she will be sharing tips and advice on which nutrients and foods to prioritise – and which to limit! – to help us feed our skin from within. Using evidence-based science to underpin her work, Christine aims to cut through the confusion and controversy surrounding nutrition and health. She brings clarity and practical applications using everyday foods to help people discover a sustainable approach to their health and nutrition.


Christine says:

“The skin is our body’s largest organ which is constantly renewing itself. Beautiful, glowing & healthy skin starts from within. Nourish your skin with a nutrient-rich diet, address any lifestyle factors that may be aggravating your skin and pay attention to what you put on your face and body.” 

 “A nutrient-dense diet packed with skin-friendly food is the perfect complement to the active botanical ingredients found in SkinGenius to promote healthy, clear skin.”  
Nutritionist Christine Bailey MSc PGCE MIFM MBANT