About This Skincare - 'save our skin duo'

Why is this the best SOS set for eczema?

Cream Come True is enriched to the max with Shea Butter, Starflower and Chickweed to deeply moisturise your skin. Apply this hug in a tube directly to any dry areas, whenever desired. Nourish cracks and drown out flakes in moments, and make hydrated skin your reality.

Charged with Calendula, Evening Primrose & Roman Chamomile, Oil Day Long will bring some much needed therapy to sore and parched skin. Dab directly on to problem patches of distressed skin when needed. Or pop a few drops in your tub. Let the genius sink in and cocoon your skin with calm for 24 hours.

The cream and oil sink seamlessly into the skin, it’s like a dry oil – not greasy at all.

Cream Come True: Extremely rich but light on the skin, absorbs easily and provides welcome relief.