Rafael's Story (Adult)

Rafael started to experience symptoms of Acne Rosacea six years ago at the age of 40. Prior to this he had not had any skin problems, not even during his teenage and young adult years.  

However, the Acne Rosacea took a hold very quickly and within weeks Rafael had red, itchy, hot and painful skin on his face which then spread to his chest and back. This upsetting condition kept Rafael awake at night as his skin was incredibly uncomfortable and sore. He couldn’t resist scratching it sometimes, causing patches to bleed. Not wanting people to see him like this he stopped going out and would never have his photo taken.

Thankfully, Rafaels skin has changed and he now has his skin and self confidence back.

Rafael's Story

"It was absolutely horrible: a nightmare.  I was really self-conscious and people would look at me and ask what the heck happened to my face. It was very upsetting, as well as very uncomfortable.  I went to my doctor and was prescribed several courses of antibiotics which had no effect.   I was then prescribed steroid creams which made things far worse.

The antibiotics stripped my immune system and the steroid creams just made my skin flare up and I was at a loss as to what to do and all the time my face looked and felt awful.

I then started work at Ainsworths, a natural pharmacy in London. My colleagues immediately suggested I try homeopathy, come off any medication I was on and look at natural products instead. One lady suggested I try the new Skin:Genius range which is completely natural and specifically formulated for people with acne and recurring skin problems. I had nothing to lose so gave it a go.

Within two days of using the Face Wash and Leave-On Purifying Gel, my skin calmed and was soothed. I couldn’t quite believe it, but after years of struggling this product was working.  Three key ingredients really help: Witch Hazel helps to shrink the blood vessels, Mallow calms redness and the Calendula fights the bacteria that causes the spots.  I use the Leave-On Purifying Gel every evening and leave it on overnight to work. My complexion is much clearer, my skin much calmer. I love the fact it is natural and has no contra-indications.

As a result of his experience, Rafael suggested that Ainsworths stocked skin:genius to help other people. “It’s selling really well among teenagers with acne and older adults with problem skin: a few have acne rosacea like me and from my own experience that it works."

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