Maddison's Story (Teen)

“My soon to be teenage daughter has suffered for years with dry itchy/patchy cheeks and coming into puberty started to get a few pimples.  She was very conscious starting secondary school.  We tried so many different products for her sensitive skin.  I was recommended by a friend to contact Julia at Skin Genius and ordered the face wash, leave on gel, spot cream and moisturiser.  Within a week I could see a vast improvement in her skin, it glowed, looked so much healthier and felt so soft. 

The products smell lovely, a little goes a long way. 

I was so impressed I started using the leave on purifying gel myself having suffered with acne as a teenager and through my 20’s, 30’s and it’s improved my skin texture too even in my 50’s!  We ran out and with a manic household completely forgot to order more and my daughters skin started to go back dry and itching.  I contacted Julia and within 24 hours a new delivery was made, wow was so impressed, what a professional, she even spent time with my daughter asking her how she had found the products. Within a day my daughters’ skin had improved again using the products. It’s great value too.

I cannot recommend all of Skin Genius products enough”. 


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