Katie's Story (20s)

I first met Katie in February 2019 and it's great to see and hear what a difference Skin:Genius has made to Katie in her confidence and zest for life again. Thanks for sharing your story Katie.

You can read Katies full story below and some comments within our conversations are here.  


“The instructions were very clear and easy to understand so the product was super easy to use. It’s great that it only takes 5 minutes! I normally struggle with keeping skincare routines because it eats up so much time.

To be honest the tone of my skin felt completely different from the moment I applied it let alone overnight!  Once the product soaked in, my skin felt very matt. I normally have a bumpy complexion from pustules, but yesterday and this morning my skin looks even and feels very firm.”


“I’ve noticed the redness has gone down majorly. I only have a few pimples coming through, its mainly just scarring at the minute.”


“I’m lucky that my acne was never painful, but when I had bumps or spots under the surface my first instinct would be to pop or touch them. But with my complexion now flattened I don’t get those urges to pick at my acne and I’ve noticed I’m rarely touching my skin every day.   


"Even my dermatologist has said ‘how is the texture of your skin so even?’ because that’s not down to the medication, it’s down to SG!"


"I have suffered from acne from a very young age. As a teenager I was passed back and forth between GP’s, prescribing me different topical creams, antibiotics and pills to treat my acne. At the age of 16 I was referred to a dermatologist and put on a 9-month course of roaccutane. Within 3 months the acne on my back and face had completely cleared with no scars or blemishes to be seen. I came off the medication and for 2 years my skin was completely spotless and healthier than ever.

However, in September 2018 I noticed that my skin was starting to break out. I went straight back to the doctor and was prescribed the pill, an antibiotic called Erythromycin and a topical cream. By October my face was riddled with acne, spreading across my cheeks and neck (where it had never been before) and this time leaving hyper-pigmented marks. My skin and self-esteem was worse than it had ever been and within 4 months I was back at the dermatologist and put back on roaccutane. Roaccutane is a very harsh treatment for acne and is only prescribed in extreme circumstances. It is very rare to take the medication twice in your life due to its side effects. 

I started using SG at the beginning of February and it has been a lifesaver in preventing the side effects of roaccutane. During my first course of roaccutane I suffered with 3 side effects: peeling skin, sunburn and lips so cracked the corners of my mouth became infected from splits in the skin.

Looking at my side effects on my second round of medication in comparison to my first course, it is clear that SG has dramatically prevented the symptoms I suffered from previously.

The 3-step process has targeted all sides.

The face wash has stopped excess dirt and grime sitting on my face.

Finally, the moisturizing cream has helped with both my eyes and lips. The moisturizer is so sensitive I apply product over my eyes to prevent peeling and itchy eyelids. I also run the moisturizer over my lips before I sleep and when I wake up to keep my lips hydrated. By sticking to a routine I haven’t suffered with cracked or infected lips, which was my biggest worrying for going back on this really strong medication.

I use SG every morning and evening and carry the moisturizer with me throughout the day. By being consistent and sticking to a routine, I have seen my skin drastically improve.

Even my dermatologist has said ‘how is the texture of your skin so even?’ because that’s not down to the medication, it’s down to SG!"

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