Karina's Story (20s)

Karina is a teacher and feels very conscious about how she looks being in front of young children (who say what they think) and parents every day.  Now Karina is confident and happy in her skin.

Karina's Story

"After having beautiful skin growing up, it was a shock to start developing adult acne at 26. After putting it down to stress and tiredness, I tried lots of different products and was close to going to the doctors to get prescription medication.

Using the Skin:Genius products has completely changed my skin. I used all three twice a day and could see the difference within a couple of weeks. They make your skin feel clean and my breakouts stopped happening.

When I ran out of moisturiser, but continued using the foam and leave-on gel, I noticed that a couple of spots started to appear again so ordered some more products and within a couple of days, my skin was clear.

I do still have scarring which will fade in time but I am now happy to go out without make up on which I haven’t been able to do for years. These products are fantastic, natural and make a real difference to your skin.

Thank you!"

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