Holly's Story (teens)

Holly wanted to find a products that was quick to use.

Holly's Story

"I was super impressed that, the face wash was not stripping at all and doesn’t leave that tacky, dry feeling that a lot of face washes designed to help these sorts of issues do!!

It is extremely gentle and cleansing. I find a lot of products aimed towards “teenage skin” only focus on completely stripping the oil and don’t account for the fact that youthful skin is also very delicate, but this definitely accounts for this and doesn’t strip the essential sebum which is supposed to be there, absorbing just the stuff that builds up over the day and rebalancing the skin.

Obviously this will be a different amount for everyone, but I feel as though my skin is very refreshed, smooth and clean after use and ready for the moisturiser which is very light and nourishing as well. The leave-on gel is fantastic and I was pleased to wake up to visible improvements in the natural colour of my skin when I woke up the next morning after using it.

Would recommend to anyone struggling with any kind of skin problem as the ingredients definitely work well with all skin types, including mine which is more combination."

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