Hayley's Story (Teen and Parent)

When Hayley was younger, she suffered with acne and was bullied at school about her bad skin.  Having problem skin into adulthood, despite trying all manner of products, Hayley resigned herself to wearing heavy make-up each day to cover her spots and breakouts.  When Hayley’s older son Oliver, 13, started to experience problems with his skin aged 11, she resolved to find a solution fearful he would suffer as she did and perhaps also be bullied.

“I went through early puberty at 11 and suffered badly with spots.  My mum did her best to help and I tried every product under the sun including harsh face washes from the pharmacy, a bright red ointment from the GP that tinted my skin and I even went on the pill to see if settling my hormones would help.

Sadly nothing worked and I was ‘that girl’ at school with the spotty face. I was bullied and one girl in my year even made up a song about my spots.  I can still remember it now. My bad skin and people’s reaction just chipped away at me day-by-day.  By the time I turned 20, the acne had settled down, but I still got a lot of spots and pimples.

I had heard some mums at school mention a natural range called Skin:Genius so I thought I’d get Oliver to try that.  He used the Face Wash morning and evening and the Leave-On Purifying Gel at bedtime, as it’s designed to be left on the skin overnight.  It cleared his skin within a week and provided he keeps using it regularly keeps the spots at bay.  I can’t believe it is powerful enough to get rid of and keep spots at bay as well as being gentle enough to continue using.  Oliver likes using Skin:Genius as it doesn’t have a strong smell.  I’m relieved we caught his skin problems early enough to stop him having a real issue with bad skin or bullying as I did.

Having got Oliver’s skin under control, I decided to try skin:genius myself.  I was resigned to living with bad skin but within a few days of using Skin:Genius, my skin looked a lot clearer and brighter.  I use the face wash each day and apply the purifying gel if I get any spots or feel one coming on. It’s absolutely amazing and really works!

I’m now able to wear far less make-up and no longer look like I’m wearing a mask of foundation.  My skin feels soft and radiant and I even get compliments from people which has improved my confidence no end.  I feel like I totally own my skin now and feel much more relaxed in the company of others.

I’m so relieved to finally have my skin under control and know that Oliver will avoid the experience I had growing up. Skin:Genius has really turned things around."

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