The Same Me!

The Same Me!

The gorgeous Joanna @BeautifulbyBreakfast writes about the importance of friendships this month.

A New Year doesn’t have to mean a “new you”. In fact, the only resolution I’m making this year is a commitment to loving myself MORE and surrounding myself ONLY with the people who love me! I’m talking about the type of friends who ignore the pulsating spot on your forehead…the type of friends who knows exactly what you’re thinking without you having to say anything. The type of friends you can ALWAYS depend on! If only we could see ourselves through their eyes… 

They say friends are the family you choose.They know exactly when to listen and when to offer advice. And more often than not, your friends know you better than you know yourself! Friendships come in many forms… friends you go to yoga with, friends you go to school with, friends you work with and friends you’re in a WhatsApp group with! And then there are those friends you rarely see but your friendship NEVER fades. 

A new type of friendship on the horizon is our social media friends. The ones we live vicariously through but never actually see in person! And while I’m grateful that social media has enabled me to stay connected with friends all over the world, it’s also responsible for some of my friendships fizzling out. During one particularly low point in 2020, one of my WhatsApp friends said to me, “If you ever need to chat, you don’t need to schedule a time to call me… just call.” That’s when I realised my phone book is empty. I’m so used to messaging people on social media, I don’t actually have numbers stored in my phone! This statement really made me consider how I communicate with my friends and what type of friend I want to be.

You can find friends in the most unlikely of places. Last year I made new friends through an acne positivity hashtag! And in “meeting” these friends I was able to laugh and cry about my skin insecurities for the first time in fifteen years. Finally, I found a group of people who understood exactly what I was going through. We could share our feelings without fear of embarrassment or judgment. And as a community, we celebrate each other's victories and help each other through our saddest skin days.

The rise in social media has also given a voice to our favourite skincare brands. One such voice being my lovely new friend Julia, Co-Founder of skin:genius. She heard my plight on social media and wanted to help. Julia didn’t just message me with a sales pitch, she made me feel human. And it wasn’t long before I sat (socially distanced) next to her with a cup of tea, discussing what the acne community needed from the skincare industry. TRUST. Because after so many failed attempts at clearing acne, many of us understandably become sceptical of finding any skincare that actually works! But in finding friends like skin:genius through social media I am reminded you can find skinCARE brands that actually CARE!

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